Coconut meat and yummy eats

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How about that title? I saw some coconuts on sale at the store and decided I needed to try my hand at cracking a coconut, drinking the water, and eating the meat. Verdict? So much fun and very tasty indeed.

First, I poked a hole a the top and drained the coconut water. I gave Ryan a sip before I chugged it down. It was SO sweet! The store has labeled the coconut as “EZ-Crack Coconut” but I had a hard time just cracking it open so I asked Ryan to do the honors. He went outside to the crub and cracked it open on the cement.  He came back with this:

Does this not look delicious or what? The next step was taking out the coconut meat from the shell. I tried a flat ice scream scooper, a small knife and much more, but I think the small knife did the job. I cut the meat inside the shell and removed it with the flat ice cream scooper.

I proceeded to peel the back portion of the coconut with a peeler and added some to my morning smoothie. So delicious and tasty. I can’t wait to use this fresh nut!
How do you use FRESH coconut??
This morning I washed some golden raspberries and blackberries and added it to my morning granola with dried raspberries.

So delicious. I then added some almond milk for a complete breakfast!

Can you tell I am liking the berries?

Lunch then consisted of leftovers. We had friends over and I made chicken fajitas for everyone and veggie fajitas for myself. I added some fresh guacamole, pico de gallo, spanish rice, and refried beans. What more could you ask for when it comes to Mexican food?

What is your favorite Mexican food? What kind of Mexican food would you like to see be veganized?

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  • Pam

    Yummy eats is right…look at the color of those berries!..mmm! Enjoy!

  • Pam

    Oh and I love your new blog design!

  • Emma

    I usually keep half to eat as snack (slice it up, but not good for my teeth, ha ha, tasty though), and I use the other half with chicken (sorry, I have no veg version) and make a soup – sweet is the word to describe it.

  • Kenzie @ A Healthy Purpose

    I’m a big fan of coconut! But find them pretty hard to open.. I usually snake mine with a hammer while wrapped in a towel! lol

  • Keri – I Eat Trees

    I’ve always wanted to buy a whole coconut. I think it will! Although, it might be the final weirdness straw if my neighbors see me out banging a coconut on the sidewalk cavewoman style… 😀

  • Noelle

    @Keri-ROFL I can so picture that! How funny!!! You should try, maybe it will bring people together 😉


    Did you just ask for our favorite Mexican food? I really don’t think I can pick just one – I love fajitas, burritos, nachos, salsas, black bean salsa, um yeah… so just about everything.

  • Abigail S. Bean

    At some point I had to admit that I am way too dangerous with sharp utensils to deftly remove coconut meat from a fresh coconut and retain all of my fingers.

    However, if someone is kind enough to do it for me, I like to heat the coco pieces in a frying pan; it inexplicably tastes like warm, coconut popcorn.

  • Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty

    yummmmmy!!!!!!!!!! That mexican meal looks fantastic!!! :)

    I love coconut too… In mexico they sprinkle with lime juice and chili powder!! YUM!!!!!!

  • Monet

    I had a friend bring me a coconut as a housewarming present, but I was too intimidated to crack it myself and eventually threw it away. After reading your post, I wish I would have given it some more effort!

  • Kelly

    I am SOOO getting a coconut!

  • Belinda @zomppa

    Toast it! Melt marshmallows over it….with some almonds and chocolate….

  • Anonymous

    Coconut is one of my favorite foods! Every Friday of elementary school in Cuba, my bus driver would give me a brown sack filled with a fresh coconut, some plantains and a stalk of sugar cane he had chopped for me with a machete. Talk about sweet!

    One time in the Florida Keys (Key West), I asked Jason to crack open a coconut for me. Like most men, he tried his sheer brute strength first (we were on the beach and had just come across several coconuts too delicious to pass up). He ultimately used a very large and rusty ship’s anchor as his tool of choice. I’m certain the technique strongly resembled the one of said curb. :-)


  • Joy

    Oh I love, love, love coconuts. I would just eat it plain. I love how you used the coconut meat.

  • Kris |

    Ooooo I love coconut and that would be another reason for me to live in Hawaii for part of the year 😉

    They are hard buggers to open though aren’t they!? I used to use tools from the garage to open them!

    Your berry goodness looks amazing!


  • brian @ howtobaker

    I love coconut but they are pretty tough to open. Most of the time I end up breaking out power tools to get inside the darned thing.

  • "pup"

    I have always wanted to buy and crack a coconut!! While I was in Mexico I had a d rink called “coco loco” and they served it in a coconut.. I think I might have to go buy one now!!

  • Noelle


    @Emma-Nah, that sounds good too!

    @Kenzie- ROFL

    @OatsnBoats-I know. It is sometimres hard to choose fav Mex food, but I thought I would still try! :)

    @Abigail-Wow, warm coconut. Sounds lovely!

    @Jessica- Oh that is right! Tasty!I have had it like that too!

    @MOnet-It is definitely worth the effort.

    @Joy-Thanks! I have several recipes I am going to try with fresh coconut!

    @Kris- For sure! I am glad I had my hubby there to do the caveman opening!

    @Brian- Power tools? Hahha

    @Pup-Hmmm, cocoloco sounds yummy!

  • alison

    beautiful color of your berries!and yummy,of course!

  • Magic of Spice

    I so love fresh coconut:) Your title is great and the food looks fantastic!

  • slurrpalicious

    Coconuts!!!!! They are refreshing…
    The water inside tastes good as well.. The recipe is new one.. Its refreshing!!