Something exciting is coming!

I do not know if you have noticed but, I have introduced a NEW badge on the left side of my blog that is blue and white indicating that “something exciting is coming!” Well folks, there is!

On August 10th, you will be able to buy products directly from my shop, DIRECTLY from my blog! How cool is that? I have decided to partner up with OpenSky, which is a company that brings together shopkeepers to sell what they are most passionate about using on a day to day basis. I would be one of these people connecting YOU to products I love to use.

What is so different about this and just having you go to Amazon or any other online shop? Well, you can shop directly from my blog without having to leave it. You will be able to peruse the products I have chosen like my favorite food products, jewelry, music, health products, health books,and more!

Yes, you would be able to shop for those items without having to search for them and they would be at comparable prices too! What better way to shop than to shop from someone you know and trust. :)

If you are interested in having your OWN shop or if you are a supplier, then you are ALSO welcome to join the OpenSky community.  This is about bringing the best, which means I will be providing a shop with items that are lasting and are great to use.

If you have favorite products you would want to see in my shop, let me know and I can make that possible. Thanks!

Stay tuned to exciting events and promos coming soon!

  • Susan and Abraham

    i love that idea. as many of my colleagues and friends have been asking me for this same service…cool..

  • Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty

    you got an award on my blog this morning!! :)

  • Monet

    What a great idea!

  • Shriya

    wow!!! That’s a brilliant idea. Looking fwd to it.