Deep Dish Chocolate-Raspberry Oat Bars

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Hello my friends! I hope you all had an awesome weekend! I am on a total high from this weekend’s performance because it was absolute perfection! I am so proud of my Ryan because he is the best conductor. I have all the right to be biased because it is so true. Ask around. :)

Saturday, the day of the performance, we had a 3 1/2 hour rehearsal period because we had to work with the steel drum band that had traveled from Detroit to perform with us. The rehearsal was smooth and Ryan kept on reminding all the Holland Chorale not to over sing since our performance was that VERY evening. Folks, it was hard not to over sing since we had that steel drum band. It was definitely so beautiful to listen to different instruments. God is wonderful how he allows people to discover uses for instruments. Here is a sample of our rehearsal: (How much ghetto can I get? Silly Youtube tells me it has not been processed but it is! Click here to listen}

Our performance was a great success. We started with 4 pieces in the beginning, taking a break to listen to an area high school perform, and then ended with the Caribbean Mass and African Sanctus. I hope to have a clip of the performance soon. We all were very pleased with the way the who performance went especially since we had two extra weeks to work on our music. My solo / duet at the end of the mass was SO much fun! I can’t wait to hear a recording of it.

Sunday was of course a day of rest since we needed it VERY much. We visited out friends church and worshipped with a huge congregation. Holland is small and there are several churches in the area, but I never thought it would have a choir close to 125 people. Reminds me of my choir back in Texas. We later took a nap and then enjoyed a lovely hike in a new reserve in town. I captured the beautiful colors of the leaves and tried not to inconvenience the friends we were with by taking pictures of every gorgeous leaf I found. What can I say, I love FALL!!!

As soon as I got home last night I baked something right up. Can you tell I missed being in MY kitchen??? I have had several ideas floating through my head working with some freezer jam that I have had in my fridge. I knew I needed to make something delicious and perfect with my favorite beverage. I wanted to make something that was gluten-free but I did not quite get that adventurous since I did not have that much time in the kitchen.

I paired dark chocolate with raspberry and oats and came out with a delicious bar that both Ryan and I speechless as we took turns taking bites. We were watching Everything’s Fine and boy was it FINE! The flavors combined pretty perfect even to the point Ryan asked for seconds. As I look at my kitchen this morning I wonder how I have JUST 3 bars left. Seriously folks. I can’t keep the pan full around here.

This is a good thing! Even though I used 1 cup of oat flour and 1 cup of spelt, if you feel adventurous, you are welcome to try making this with 2 cups of gluten-free oat flour. I will be trying it in the future but I needed to share the recipe ASAP. Enjoy the recipe because they won’t last in your an for long! :)

 Deep Dish Chocolate-Raspberry Oat Bars

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makes 9 bars (9×9 glass pan)

1 cup Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free oat flour
1 cup spelt flour
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 chia egg (1 Tbsp ground chia seeds + 4 Tbsp warm water)
      or flaxseed egg (1 Tbsp ground flaxseed meal + 4 Tbsp warm water)
2 Tablespoons SO Delicious coconut milk

1 cup raspberry freezer jam or store-bought jam

3/4 cup gluten-free oats (Bob’s Red Mill)
2 Tbsp Tropical Traditions coconut oil, melted
1 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon
2 Tbsp maple syrup
3 Tbsp oat flour
3 Tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut
1/4 cup dark chocolate pieces

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and spray a 9×9 pan with coconut non-stick spray.

Crust preparation
Mix up your chia egg and set aside for 5 minutes. In a medium bowl mix the spelt and oat flours, baking soda, and salt. Add maple syrup, brown sugar, and coconut milk to the chia egg is and combine well. Add 1/2 cup coconut oil to flour mixture and using a fork or patry cutter, combine the two ingredients until it resembles wet sand. Add the wet ingredients and combine well.

Press dough into the 9×9 dish, allowing the dough to rise above the edges of the pan about 1 inch. This is not a layer, but more a crust to contain the filling.

Add 1 cup of raspberry jam onto the crust and spread evenly.

Topping preparation

In a medium add oats and melted coconut oil and combine well. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.

Add the crumble topping to the raspberry mixture and spread evenly.

Bake for 45 minutes and cool for another 45 minutes. These bars are so good a little warm though. They are even better the NEXT day! I wrapped one up for Ryan for lunch so I know he will like that surprise. :)

Note: I have already seen people make comments about how this post is ruined since I used half spelt and half oat flour. I am limiting my gluten and NOT elmininating it. This would be the reason the blog states raw and vegan recipes and not gluten-free. I will be indicating which recipes are specfically are gluten-free for those readers. I am in the process of testing this recipe as completely gluten-free. Thanks! :)

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    nice recipe! 😀

  • Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday

    beautiful fall photos!

  • Brian

    yum! this looks great. glad you had a good weekend, the pics look great too. look forward to hearing clips from the show :)

  • Evan Thomas

    Anything raspberry screams “sexy” to me.


    Wow that recipe looks amazing and relatively easy to make. I bet they would also be good with a layer of peanut butter instead of the jam. I hope I can catch a little of fall when I come to MI in a couple weeks!

  • GreenGirl

    this sounds and looks so good. love the fall photos, thanks for sharing with us

  • Emily Malloy

    Ah, isn’t the fall so DIVERTING? I adore it.

    These bars are stunning, too!

  • Joy

    What beautiful raspberry oat bars Noelle! I love that it’s a deep dish, the crust is always my favorite part :0 You are also very lucky to have such beautiful Fall foliage!!! Simply wonderful :)

  • Vegiegail

    That rehearsal clip is wild! I can’t wait to see the performance video!

    And this recipe looks incredible. Chocolate and raspberries are my favorite sweet indulgence! And I love baking with So Delicious! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

  • Cindy Waffles

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing your recipe as well. Those oat bars look delicious!

  • Amy

    Oh my…these look sooo good! That crispy topping especially! These must have been heavenly! Love all the photos as well :)!

  • Evan @swEEts

    I can just sense your energy through this post and I love it! These look great- looks like you had a lovely hike too!

  • megan

    Wow – those look so good, I would love to try them – and I conveniently have a container of homemade strawberry cherry preserves in the freezer. Could I use whole wheat flour in place of the spelt?

  • Ravenous Rowie

    Holy cow do those bars ever look good! Love all of your Fall shots, too!

  • Magic of Spice

    These look so wonderful! I am going to try and play the clip again…I got kicked out so to speak…but the part that I saw so far was great…

  • HiHoRosie

    those bars look incredible and love the fall photos you took! The path you were on looks gorgeous.

  • Leinana

    This is exactly what I need right now – a hike through the woods AND a raspberry chocolate oat bar! :)

  • Monet

    What a lovely weekend. I am so glad to hear that your performance went well. I’m sure it sounded magnificent! I’m also glad that you were able to get some time outside…doesn’t it just do wonders for the soul? Thanks for sharing your weekend and these bars! They look great!

  • beeskneeskitchen

    This sounds sooooo good! I must make this the next time I go home! It looks perfect to make them! Thanks for posting

  • Anonymous

    These were great, but the crust was so thin that I couldn’t spread it up the sides of an 8×8 pan, so I just spread it on the bottom. It rose a lot though, so it turned out to be a delicious chocolate raspberry oat cake instead of bars!