Persimmon Margaritas

After a SUPER long day shopping, walking and people watching we came to a warm dish of tortilla soup and cocktails.

Yes, Ryan and I went out at 6am and really took out time shopping. We are all about bargain shopping but we had mostly done ours online already. I almost felt like we went out more for tradition EVEN though we did find a few things.

We got home about 4:30pm and took a long nap, which felt really great! I was inspired then to make great soup using seitan leftovers, which I will later share with you.

I also felt like making persimmon margaritas. Yes. I told you I was going to be posting more persimmon recipes so here we go.

Check out Muy Bueno Cookbook’s website for a delicious recipe and FAB pictures, because mine were taken quickly. I used lemon juice since that is all I had in the fridge, but I believe the recipes will taste almost the same.

Make sure you use the non-astrigent persimmons or else you are going to have a weird tasking drink. Ryan and I both thought it was a different but delicious drink.

I love trying new recipes and so should you! Go out and purchase those cheap persimmons and make one or two drinks and have fun!

Hope you are having a great holiday weekend. I hope to do Zumba tomorrow so I can keep the legs moving! Have a great night!

  • HiHoRosie

    Holy cow woman! That persimmon margarita looks divine! And you sure are brave venturing out shopping. Not me. :)

  • Lisa Marie

    I’ve never had persimmon before, but that margarita could be the cure I need right now lol.

  • Emmy

    Ooooo now that looks tasty!!!

  • Monet

    A bowl of soup and some cocktails sounds like the PERFECT way to end a long day of shopping. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to seeing that soup soon!

  • Amy

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  • Amy

    Persimmon in a cocktail! Splendid idea! This sounds wonderful! I can imagine the light flavor the beautiful orange fruits would bring to a margarita and it is making me very thirsty for one!