We’re expecting!!!!

Ryan and Noelle
Noelle and Ryan as Kiddies

Remember I shared with you a few days back that there were reasons why I had not been posting recipes or that I had taken a bit of a break? This girl has been sick as a dog the last couple of weeks, more like 3 to 4 weeks.

Ryan and I are expecting! We are going to have a little musician in the family!!! I am 9 weeks pregnant and I finally get to share it with you!! I know that there have many that have share their wonderful news over the internet, but I almost felt jealous. We wanted to wait for blood tests and doctor’s visits started before telling.

I have been enjoying reading Emily’s posts over at Daily Garnish because she is also 9 weeks pregnant. Pretty much everything she has shared over the past few weeks I have also be going through.

I have had really no desire to cook, most of all vegan foods have made be nauseous, lots of smells make me nauseous and I am nauseous 24 hours a day!! I read that it is helpful to keep crackers by the side of my bed, but who wants crumbs in bed??

I have been doing everything by the book and more when it comes to making my nausea better. I have been downing natural ginger ale, seltzer with fresh ginger, ginger teas, Vitamin B6, peppermint tea, and more! My poor Ryan has not been able to know what exactly to do for me except bring me a glass of water when I get sick. Thank God though that in the last few days the bathroom has not been my friend.

It is very strange to know what my body wants. My hormones are pretty wacky and I feel so much more emotional. Sometimes I feel like eating and when I do, I get sick. Sometimes I do not feel like eating but I force myself and feel better.

All my blood work looks pretty normal except for the iron. It is barely low but it was something that was mentioned to me. I was told to eat more greens and beans. Yes, folks, apparently I have not been eating enough spinach. Sheesh! Truth be told I have not felt like any vegetables or beans in the last 3 weeks.

Confession: I have had NO desire for any of the foods I have been eating. It has been so depressing, but it is something that as my hormones normalize, I was told the eating would be better.

Either way, we are super happy God is amazing and we thank him for this gift of pregnancy! I will be having an ultrasound in the next few weeks so I am even more excited about that! It looks now that I will be due sometime around October 22nd. I get to be pregnant during the summer and wear sundresses! Woohoo!

Any tips for this new mommy?? :D

As of now, I leave you with this…

The baby is the size of a grape now! Smiles……