Baby Girl finally arrived!!

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Just wanted to let everyone know that our little girl, Julianne Helene, arrived on November 2nd at 7:28am. She weighed 8 pounds, measured 21 inches and is so very beautiful!

I will be sharing the birth story soon after I get used to things but here is a tidbit. I went in for my 41 week appointment, already 10 days past due date. I got an ultrasound, my contractions were monitored and I had a fetal monitor. After 45 minutes I was told I needed to go to the hospital because my amniotic fluid was low. It usually is supposed to be between 5 and 10 but mine was reading at 3. 

17 hours later, after being plugged to pitocin, Julianne was born, without pain medications. Here are a few pictures.

First nap at home

Arriving at home
Ryan changing the 1st diaper
Preparing to go home.
15 min after being born

All snuggled up in the crib at hospital

6 hours after birth
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  • Katrina {In Katrina’s Kitchen}

    Congratulations!!!! She is beautiful!

  • Debbie

    She is beautiful! And she was born on my birthday! Congratulations.

  • Kelly

    Hi Noelle! Congratulations-she is just a sweet pea! So glad you and baby are healthy and well–my thoughts are with your family today!

  • Roselie

    Congratulations! She is such a sweetie!

  • Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    I am so happy and thrilled for you guys, I could burst! She’s an absolute doll, and I love the beautiful name you gave her. Many, many congrats to you two! <3 <3

  • Tanya

    Congratulations!!! She’s adorable :) Also love her name!

  • JL goes Vegan

    Congratulations, Noelle! What a beauty! I’m so happy for all of you! xo

  • Glo

    Congratulations to you both on a beautiful daughter.

  • Leinana

    So happy to see some pics! She is just perfect. Congratulations to all of you again! xo

  • chow vegan

    Congratulations! I was wondering if you had the baby yet, she’s so beautiful! So happy for you all! :-)

  • Kirsten

    I think it’s halarious that you posted a photo of her in her car seat! They don’t seem to like it all that much…until the car gets going! I love her name. Too bad we didn’t live closer it would be fun hanging out with the newbies. Congratulations to you both.

  • Lesa @Edesia’s Notebook

    Congrats, Noelle! She is beautiful!

    Sorry you had to be induced, but glad it all worked out okay and you have a healthy baby girl.

  • Vegiegail

    Congratulations Noelle! I love the first photo! It looks like you and Julianne are singing to each other. And papa looks like he’s beaming with pride! Such a lovely family!!!

  • Fayinagirl (means Free One)

    Congratulations! Such a lovely family. I know you all are enjoying these very precious moments.

  • Lauren

    Congrats Noelle! She’s beautiful :) Hope you both get lots of rest and enjoy this wonderful time!

  • Kelsey

    I can wait to read the birth story :) I’m so happy to hear that things went well and that all three of you are doing well!

  • HiHoRosie

    Beautiful! Congrats!

  • Stephanie

    You look amazing and your little angel is just perfect! Congrats to you!

  • Roberta

    Congrats, now the fun begins.

  • mjskit

    Congratulations! Both of you are beautiful! Best wishes for a wonderful life with your daughter.

  • Tasha – The Clean Eating Mama

    Noelle! she is amazing! Congratulations to you and your husband! I cannot wait to hear more about her!

  • sophiesfoodiefiles

    Congratulations to you & your husband & what a beautiful little girl, she certainly is!

    Enjoy her to the fullest, my friend!

  • Rachel @ My Naturally Frugal Family

    Congratulations! I have been waiting for you to post this, and it was worth the wait as Julianne is beautiful.

  • B^2

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  • Brandon

    Congratulations to both of You!

  • The Farmers Wife

    Congratulations!! So happy for you all! Enjoy this stage Mom! They grow so fast!

  • megan @ whatmegansmaking

    yay, congratulations! So happy for you – she is beautiful :)

  • Tina

    Congratulations, I am so happy for you! She looks adorable-there will be a lot more firsts to come. I knew someone that blogged every day for an entire year about their child’s daily activities-I would say it would be very hard not to record something on a daily basis-they grow up so fast. Enjoy your newborn.

  • Jill @ A Cook’s Nook

    Congratulations- she’s beautiful :)

    Wishing you and your new family much joy & many adventures in the coming year!

  • Isabelle @ Crumb

    Congrats! She’s absolutely gorgeous… and I just adore the name you picked out for her. That new mommy glow looks great on you! :)

  • Sharon @ Bit of the Good Stuff

    Congratulations to you both! She’s absolutely beautiful! xx

  • janet@cupcakestocaviar

    Congratulations! She’s beautiful!

  • Christine’s Pantry

    Congrats! Beautiful baby.

  • Lizzy

    Oh, Noelle, she’s just precious! Congratulations to you both…and welcome to the world sweet, Julianne!

  • Amy

    What a beautiful daughter Noelle! Congrats :)!

  • Alida

    Congratulations – what a sweetie!

  • elly

    Congratulations! What a beautiful baby girl and I love her name!

  • Jill Colonna

    Fantastic news – you both look superb. Lovely pics. Look after yourselves and try and get some sleep when you can! Thanks for sharing. J xo

  • Pauline

    Congratulations, someone to sing with you :-)

  • Kris

    Finally! YAY! Congratulations, Noelle and Ryan, and welcome to the world, Julianne Helene (beautiful name)! I am so very happy for you. If/When there is anything we can do to help you along, we’re all here for you. Much love and blessings to you three!

  • Joy

    Congrats!!!!!! she is beautiful.

  • Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty

    Just what I was looking for!! Congrats Noelle she is perfect and beautiful and I love the name! I’m tearing up a too, you look SO happy!! She’s just so lovely!

  • Sarah @ See Sarah Eat

    Yay! She is beautiful :) Can’t wait to hear more of your story, no pain meds after induction is impressive!

  • Simply Life

    oh she is so precious- CONGRATULATIONS!!!