5 weeks and Traveling

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 Hi there! I wanted to update you on our lives here in our cozy newborn-way-of-life. We have had lots go on in the last couple of weeks. We have seen our little girl change and becoming a strong little human being. It is pretty amazing how it all works!

Last Wednesday we had our 1 month appointment. Before I knew we were headed out I was surprisingly nervous. All I could think about was how Julianne might not be healthy or maybe be weighed and not have gained enough. I have a frequent preoccupation that I do not have enough milk production which I really just try to stop thinking about it because worrying and anxiety CAN produce less milk production. Well not only that but those negative feelings can pass on to the baby as I feed her and I try to stay positive and leave my health in God’s hands.

Our pediatrician is super nice. He came recommended and seems to be very wise! He is in his mid 80s but he looks like he could be in his 60s. He listened to all our questions and he took his time with us. It is pretty incredible because it does not seem to be like that for any medical appointments that I have had of recent.

Julianne gained 2 1/2 pounds and she grew from 21 inches to 22 1/4. She is growing and is very healthy!!


The only thing I am not quite sure of is the Vitamin D drops the pediatrician told me I should be giving Julianne. Some mothers I have spoken to DO give the drops and others DO NOT.

What have you heard? I am still trying to find time to research this new idea so it seems. I thought perhaps since I am taking my prenatal plus an additional vitamin D supplement that it would not be necessary but he said it was.


Did I mention that Julianne was a doll at her appointment? The doctor asked whether she was alert and if she was following us with her eyes. She was doing that at 3 weeks already! He tested her and she smiled at him and he mentioned how smart she already was! 😀 Don’t mothers want to hear that all the time??

After the appointment we went to Panera. Can I tell you how stir crazy I have gotten? We tend to be busy at home that I do not go on errands with Julianne especially if Ryan is home, but being with myself and the baby for too many days cooped up can get slightly daunting. Well, in a sense that I do not feel human. Going to Panera and seeing people and being out in the world with Julianne brings a little normal back in my life.

I think Ryan and I mostly feel afraid that she will be unhappy and crying all the time and we will not be able to enjoy our outing but in reality she has done well with our outings.


This past weekend Ryan had his Christmas concert in Holland with the Holland Chorale. Even though Ryan REALLY wanted me to be a part of the concert I did not feel comfortable with it. First of all, everyone I knew in Holland was singing that night so I could not leave her with just ANYONE. Second of all, the mother of a newborn was not happy leaving her quite yet. Am I wrong?

Even though there were 2 concerts, one in the afternoon and one in the evening, we opted going to the evening because it would be close to Julianne’s bedtime. I fed her, burped her, and placed her in my Moby wrap. I was very prepared to sit in the back of the gorgeous church so I could walk out in case she started crying. She was awake for 10 minutes and then she fell asleep for 1 1/2 hours. The WHOLE duration of the concert folks! She did not wake up with the clapping, the loud orchestra, or when the whole audience started singing carols. She was a princess and people were impressed. I thanked GOD! Ryan also had a composition being premiered so I also wanted to be there.


 Before I go, any advice for me? We will be traveling with a newborn by airplane. What should I know? Can I wear my Moby wrap through security? We are not taking anything with us, like car seat, stroller, or bassinet because it will all be provided.

Thanks for your help!!

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07464817990815801484 Melissa

    I haven’t had any luck with passing through the security scan with my baby in tow in the wrap. But you never know! You might find a nice guard. Also, bring extra snacks/diapers/wipes, just in case your flight is delayed and a blanket to cover her if there’s anyone sick sitting around you. Lastly, take-off and landing may cause pain in her ears, sucking on a pacifier or nursing will ease her.

    Traveling with a 5-week old is great! You’ll do great :)

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04695690277037332534 Kirsten

    When you get to your seat on the plane, tuck the wipes and a diaper or two into the seat pocket in front of you. It is much easier to grab then! I think they will make you take the baby out of the wrap? Safe travels

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/17458743697543375347 B the Fit Chick

    Make sure your baby is sucking on a bottle or pacifier before take off – it eases ear popping. Also for smelly diapers ask flight attendants for a coffee filter and stick diaper in there…it helps absorb the smell..

  • Kristi E

    Take plenty of burp cloths and extra clothing!! You never know how much baby will urp and you might be stuck reusing stinky wet cloths on the plane!

  • http://mommytomicah.tumblr.com/ Ashley

    I never did the vitamin d drops and my kiddo is still breastfeed at 15 months. My dr said to just let him get sunlight everyday and it’d be fine. He’s healthy and happy so I think he’s fine lol we go outside everyday and if it’s too cold, I just open the blinds and we play by the windows for a little bit. Don’t stress about the drops, I’ve heard so many people say their babies threw them up or it caused constipation and it just wasn’t worth it to me

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/17579815484543487415 Noelle

    Thanks Melissa, Kirsten, B the Fit Chick, Kristi and Ashley! Lots of help!

    Oh no so constipation with the Vitamin D drops? Heck no then!

  • Willa Faris

    Do give Vitamin D drops — among other things, helps the immune system. Especially with traveling, being exposed to cabin air on the plane, recycled other people’s germs, etc., etc., and then when you get back home to get you through the winter cold season. Our foods do not have the nutrients they did, because the soil is so depleted, so the supplements are a great idea. Lilliana has been on lots of them since birth. Extremely healthy.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14398224199685089718 kelly

    i whenever i flew with jack when he was little, i was able to go through security with him strapped to my chest. take extra diapers, of course. i always made sure to nurse during take-off and landing so his little ears wouldn’t hurt.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08873080530639686787 HiHoRosie

    Aw, love seeing her so healthy and happy and she has grown quite a bit! Good job mama!

    I didn’t give my son vit d — so there you go. Different answers from everyone. ha! Do what you feel is best/right for you and Julianne. You’ll know.

    Have fun on your trip!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02464455390930498887 Emily

    we traveled with my twins when they were 3 months old, but only 6lbs each and just a week past their original due date (yea…long story haha) they were SOO helpful during security. I don’t know if you can have the moby wrap, they might make you take it off and just carry her through by herself and put the wrap on the belt. Since you won’t be traveling with the car seat, stroller, all the complicated stuff it should be pretty easy. I’d definitely bring the wrap to carry her around in though so people don’t go touching your baby! 😉 You can bring breast milk in bottles (and your pump if you do that) and as much of it as you want, just let them know when you go through. We brought a few “just in case” bottles and such and it worked out really well. Security was very helpful! Everyone when we boarded helped us on board and it was a really good experience, although I was thinking it’d be a nightmare so I guess anything can top those expectations 😉 haha

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/00399314617421226163 Larissa

    Noelle, try Carlson Baby D drops. They are all natural ingredients and you only need one little drop a day (rather than a ml). I have read that vitamin D does a lot to help the immune system fight against colds and influenza, so I would definitely go for it. Also, from what I have heard, it does not pass through your breastmilk.

    Have a wonderful trip! I would just have her in the Moby. They will most likely let you through, and if not – it doesn’t take too long to get her out. 😉

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02309700972165116014 RhodeyGirl

    My pediatrician convinced me to give R a multivitamin (with vitamin D included). I only give it to him about 2-3 days a week though at most.

    I have no tips for traveling since I haven’t done it yet, although we are flying in a month with R! He’ll be about 4 months then. I am nervous! We have to bring car seat, stroller, and check a pack and play. We’re going to Cali and staying with a couple with no kids. It should be interesting to say the least.

    OH! Here’s a tip. For the plane bring some disposable pads to use as changing pads (chux pads work great) so that you don’t have to use your nice travel one and worry about cleaning it before using it at your destination.

  • http://ellysaysopa.com/ elly

    I’m no help with traveling, which we still haven’t done, but we did give the D drops. Ultimately it’s your decision, but we tend to align with most AAP recs, and that is one of them. Ditto the Carson drops or the Vitamin shop brand – since it’s just a drop you can actually put it right on your breast. We just started putting them in 1 bottle when he started daycare. Glad to hear Julianne is healthy and doing great!

  • http://chowvegan.com/ chow vegan

    Your little is too cute and such a little angel to sleep thru the concert. I’m sure she’ll do fine traveling too. When you go thru the security lines at the airport, use the “family line” if there’s one. Usually, they’re shorter. Have a great trip! :-)

  • http://www.thepregnancyzone.com/pregnancy-weeks/5-weeks-pregnant/ 5 weeks pregnant

    Don’t travel too much long… also keep all necessary things while traveling…

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02005365615934938778 Cajunlicious

    Noelle she is so beautiful! Happy Traveling! Merry Christmas!