Play Date, Warm Weather and Naps

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What a great weekend for us here. I always feel like I embrace my weekends because it is all about not working and spending time with the baby and the husband. It also means catching up on house work too!

Friday night was a go-out-to-eat-before-Noelle-gets-batty night. Sometimes my weeks feel like I spend too much time indoors so Ryan suggested we go out to eat and go for a walk after an early dinner. Unfortunately it did not happen because baby girl was very fussy and we had to return home. :-(  I then claimed that Saturday was a new day and we would make up for it.

Have I mentioned that Julianne has stopped sleeping with a swaddle?? After countless times finding her with her busting out of her swaddle, I figured she was ready to be in a sleep sack. She has had several good nights of rest.

Play date with Eldon

Saturday we got up and started our day and began to get prepared to go see a friend and her baby. This was probably Julianne’s first play date and it was fun to experience it. My friend’s son reached out his hand to touch Julianne and she just looked at me. Hahaha.

They both played well and I was really surprised that Julianne did not bust out crying even though she started tearing up here and there but I reassured her everything was fine. 

After overstaying my visit, for 5 hours, we headed back home for a restful Saturday.


Julianne has been teething and so naps have been quite erratic. She just fights them constantly but when she finally goes down, she is happy. Last week she slept in my lap for an hour and a half!

17 Weeks

Overall, she is such a happy baby, especially in the mornings and it is fun to play with her. All I know is that this time change is going to be super tough!

Sunday comes rolling around and we wake up realizing we have less than an hour to prep before heading to church. Did we make it? Yes we did! I feel like we are becoming super parents being able to head out so quickly even with a babe in tote.

We welcomed our Sunday nap with open arms. We lost an hour and I was feeling it by 11am. How sad, eh?

Nap time

We slept for over 2 1/2 hours and we felt rested, don’t you think? I think Julianne likes taking pictures. She is getting fussy trying to grab my phone when I start taking pictures. So cute!

The highlight of our Sunday was our hour walk. It was almost 70 degrees with wonderful sunshine so we ventured out for a stroll. This was Julianne’s first stroll in her big girl stroller and she seemed to like it. 

Her little giraffe keeps her company and I made sure that no random bugs came crawling on her. I only found one! Eeek!

After we came back from walking I realized her eyes were a little red. 

Is it normal for a baby to suffer from allergies already????

Big girl walk in stroller

Anyway, our weekend was wonderful and even though it will be challenging with the new time change, I am looking forward to lighter mornings.

How was everyone’s weekend? Any fun go on?
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  • Sandy Buller

    Lucky, lucky baby you have. I’m so glad you are cherishing each and every day and enjoying her changes. You are a great Mom!

    Sandy Buller

  • Larissa

    Too cute! About the allergies – though many pediatricians seem to jump to other irritants first, it is definitely possible. You just can’t really do anything about it…medication wise anyway. Keep a mental tab – if you notice that her eyes are red and puffy when you walk outside, that could very well be allergies.

    I love the Irish outfit :) Hope you are doing well!

  • Monet

    So adorable. Such pretty pictures to end my day with. I had allergies when I was a baby, but I don’t know when they started. Hugs and love from ATX!

  • Jeanette

    Oh my goodness, so cute! Your baby might already have allergies, I’d ask the pediatrician. I remember when my son was young and we went the zoo during the Spring. His eyes were almost swollen shut by the time we got home. He has severe pollen allergies.

  • Noelle

    @Sandy-Thank you for your kind words.

    @Larissa-My sister sent her that outfit. It is already getting snug! Yeah, her red eye cleared up pretty quickly after we got home.

    @Monet-Thanks lady!

    @Jeanette-WHoops! I remember how allergies are. I totally would not want her to have them either. I guess she would get them from my husband. :-)