New York in 24 hours—Part 2

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We left our hotel pretty late but it was a gorgeous morning and pretty warm. Warm for us was in the low 60s, high 50s, so our walk was pretty comfortable.

5th ave

Our view off of 5th ave as we left our hotel.


As we were headed to Central Park, we noticed sights. We checked our St. Patrick’s Cathedral but it was all under construction. Not pretty at all!

st Patrick's

At least one of the entrances look nice!

Sara Beth's

We finally reached our brunch spot. It had been recommended to try Sarabeth’s right in front of Central Park. There was a 30 minute wait when we got there but as we thought about leaving after 15 min, we were seated. I knew I had heard about this place but it did not hit me until I saw their products. Their preserves were amazing and their breakfast was delicious. Even though my omelette was nothing special I enjoyed tasting Ryan’s scrambled eggs with lox. YUM!


After breakfast we headed into Central Park for a stroll.

roasted nuts

I know breakfast had not been over with but Ryan insisted that it was tradition to buy some roasted almonds and peanuts. Yummy and crunchy!

nuts in central park

Fun and silly pic of us enjoying the nuts.NYC view

We checked out the roller rink and I quickly remembered that the movie Serendipity was filmed in this area as well. Don’t you love associated with NYC?

j sleeping

By the time brunch was over it was a little past Julianne’s first nap. She was struggled to go to sleep but after 5 minutes she she fell asleep in the Ergo. Can I tell you that this carrier is a lifesaver?


We had not back carried until this trip and Ryan was VERY happy with it. He wondered why we had been front carrying her all this time. I thought it was perfect to back carry her as we traveled. She soaked every moment. We were SO glad we did not take the stroller.

times square family pic

We walked a lot more and finally got to Times Square when we met long lines of people waiting to do an American Eagle interview and others waiting in line for shows and tickets. We just stood there and took pictures of people and the environment. It was nice. Julianne looked all over and just stared at the signs.

leaving Chinatown

After that, we split again with my sister and BIL. They wanted to go the World Trade Center memorial and we wanted to go to Chinatown. We initially thought we could go with them but I realized I was starting to feel a bit worn. Time quickly flew by and we knew we had a train to catch. We ended up taking an earlier train than my sister because we were thinking of our little girl.

kung pao

We checked Joe’s Shanghai again after visiting this place back in 2011. We simply HAD to go back. They have the best steamed pork buns and crazy long lines. We thought if we had an early dinner that perhaps we would not have to wait to long. WRONG. We waited 30 min with a very tired toddler. I was not quite sure we would survive.

steamed pork bun

As we got seated we had Julianne in a booster chair between our seats. She had some dinner and then she proceeded to have some delicious broth. She loved it! Ryan ordered Kung Pao Chicken and I ordered fried green beans and fried noodles with beef. SO GOOD and worth the wait!

After dinner we headed back to our hotel where we had left our bags only to pick them up and haul butt to the train station. We barely made it. Can you believe that after we left the Chinese restaurant that Julianne fell asleep? In fact, she fell asleep for more than an hour and a half, through our train ride. It was nice because we had a break from perhaps having a fussy baby.

We were seriously blessed with the time we had but I would not try to do it over 24 hours. We actually thought it would have been easier to drive some of the way and park the car in New Jersey but we will know the next time.

Now I must go and continue to recuperate from the sleep I lost and the soreness I have. 

All these pictures were taken with the LG Intuition, a sample phone from Verizon. Disclosure: I’m a part of the Verizon Savvy Gourmet program and have been provided a wireless device to use and review. I have not been compensated for a positive review; the opinions shared are all my own.


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