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    Grilled Veggie Salad with Tangy Flax Vinaigrette

    August 16th, 2019

    Grilled Veggie Salad with Tangy Flax Vinaigrette -hero

    The summer is almost over and all I want is more grilled veggies. Summer is for corn, squash, tomatoes and everything that is seasonal. I am thankful for a time to create after an evening of grilling. Barlean’s Flax Oil made a lovely ingredient in my Tangy Flax vinaigretteBarleans sponsored post

    Grilled eggplant

    Summer is for Grilling

    What is your favorite food to grill? I have too many to chose from but there is something special that happens when vegetables are grilled. There is not only char but there is a sweetness that comes out to each.

    • red bell peppers
    • onions
    • mushrooms
    • zucchini
    • corn (my husband’s favorite)

    Sometimes we grill burgers and add a side of grilled veggies and it is simply heavenly. After dining at Chima Brazilan Steakhouse and having a lovely grilled cold salad, I was inspired to make my own version.

    Marinated Grilled Veggie Salad with Tangy Flax Vinaigrette

    Barlean’s Organic Flax Oil

    I remember my grandmother keeping Barlean’s flax oil in the refrigerator. She not only took it as a supplement but also in her kitchen. Here I am, now making it part of my pantry and celebrating Barlean’s 30-year anniversary of making healthy oils and supplements.

    The organic flax oil is pure and is non-GMO, vegan, cold-pressed, raw, kosher and more! For every Tablespoon of flax oil there is 7,640 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids. Taking Omega-3s is helpful for the following:

    • depression
    • anxiety
    • eye health
    • brain health
    • reducing symptoms of ADHD
    • improving mental disorders
    • and more

    Grilled Veggie Salad with Tangy Flax Vinaigrette - plated

    Grilled Veggie Salad with Tangy Flax Vinaigrette

    The recipe is easy to make ahead of time and serve to guests the day after. The longer that the veggies marinate in the vinaigrette the better. The flavors just get better but I am sure this salad will be consumed pretty quickly.

    A variety of seasonal vegetables can be grilled and added to this salad but I chose to use:

    • eggplant
    • onions
    • mushrooms
    • peppers

    After grilling these vegetables I added a few fresh components: parsley, cherry tomatoes, and the vinaigrette. While the salad tastes really great the same day, it tastes even better the next day after the vegetables have marinated in the vinaigrette.

    Marinated Grilled Veggie Salad with Tangy Flax Vinaigrette - closeup

    Try this salad before the summer is over, or pin it for indoor grilling during the fall and winter season. Get creative with Barlean’s organic flax oil in your kitchen and try my recipe. It is also great drizzled on yogurt, oatmeal or smoothies too!

    Grilled Veggie Salad with Tangy Flax Vinaigrette

    by Noelle Kelly

    Prep Time: 10 minutes

    Cook Time: 20 minutes

    Ingredients (6 servings)

      Grilled Vegetables

      • 2 small Italian eggplants, sliced in half (about 2 cups after cooking)
      • 2 small white or yellow onions, peeled
      • 2 small yellow bell peppers
      • 6 button mushrooms

      Fresh ingredients

      • 1/3 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
      • 2 Tablespoons parsley, chopped

      Tangy Flax Vinaigrette

      • 1/4 cup Barlean’s organic flax oil
      • 3 garlic cloves
      • juice of 1 large lemon
      • 2 Tablespoon red wine vinegar
      • 1 teaspoon salt
      • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
      • 1/2 teaspoon oregano
      • 1/2 teaspoon basil
      • 1/2 teaspoon Italian seasonings


      Grilled Vegetables

      Spray vegetables with olive oil spray and place eggplant halves on the grill, the whole onions, the whole peppers and the mushrooms. Cook for 20 minutes and remove from grill. Cool on a plate.

      Grilled Veggie Salad with Tangy Flax Vinaigrette - ingredients


      Meanwhile, prepare vinaigrette. Add all ingredients in a jar and mix well.



      Chop up the eggplants in 1/2 inch cubes. Remove seeds and pepper core and dice the bell pepper. Quarter the grilled mushrooms and chop the grilled onions. Place in a salad bowl and toss with vinaigrette.

      Grilled Veggie Salad with Tangy Flax Vinaigrette - served

      Serve immediately or refrigerate overnight for an amazing salad with great health benefits.

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      Pollo Al Jugo Chileno [Chilean-style Chicken Au Jus]

      August 14th, 2019

      Rumba Meats banner


      Pollo Al Jugo Chileno - Rumba Meats - hero

      One of the reasons I started my website was to keep a journal of all the family recipes I grew up with. Many are based on memories and flavors of how my grandparents and parents cooked and prepared dishes. I am thankful that Rumba Meats has given me an opportunity to create dishes that are both traditional and modern.

      Growing up with 2 cultures

      When I look back at my childhood I am thankful because I was exposed a little to both the Chilean and Mexican cultures. Truthfully, I find that my memories are surrounded solely around food. Ask me about holidays, traditions and such and sadly, I would not be able to tell you much. That does not mean that I have not done my own research to know more about both countries.

      My mother came to the states at an early age, as did my father, so while they both retained their identity to both their countries, they shared their love for each country through food.

      Rumba Meats Pollo Adobado - plated meal

      Chilean Family

      My mom was the cook in the family for the most part but when my mom needed help my dad came in a cooked one meal. Ok, he knew how to cook eggs really well, but he knew how to prepare Chicken Au Jus, Chilean-style. In Spanish it is called Pollo al Jugo and it is a quick meal stewing chicken with a lot of sliced onions, peppers, and carrots.

      Do you have a memory that is focused on a particular dish that your parent prepared? 

      My other meal memories happen to be all focused around my grandparents. They both loved cooking and many times they were both in the kitchen. I never received any recipes from them because my grandmother told me I was to watch and learn.

      Pollo al Jugo - Rumba Meats - bite size

      I love sharing the world with my kids through food. My girls did not get to meet their Chilean great-grandparents but I make sure to share with them what I enjoyed eating with them when I spent time with them.

      My girls also do not get to see their grandfather because he is far away, but I make sure to share my sweet memories of when he got in the kitchen and made dinner for his family.

      Pollo al Jugo Chileno - flat lay

      Rumba Meats

      Have you made it to Giant Food Stores or Martin Food Stores yet? While a regular Pollo al Jugo comprises of a quartered chicken or chicken thighs and legs, I decided to use Rumba Meats Pollo Adobado. If you have not tried this pre-marinated chicken, it is not only convenient, but it is super tasty! My dad’s recipe was even more delicious!

      Giant Food Store - Rumba Meats collage

      Make sure to head down the Meat section of the store to find this brand and my my recipes! I have enjoyed making them a part of my meal planning especially meals for new moms and friends who have needed a meal this summer.

      Make sure to check out my Arroz con Pollo (Red Chile Chicken and Rice) recipe and my Pollo Ranchero Tostadas, which have received many views in the past couple of weeks.

      Rumba Meats - quick weekday meal

      The chicken itself can be grilled on a cast iron and simply served with 2 easy side dishes and dinner is ready within 30 minutes or you can make a quick Chilean meal and bring a new world of flavor to your table within 30 minutes. Enjoy!

      Pollo Al Jugo Chileno ingredients

      Pollo Al Jugo Chileno

      I will tell you a funny story. After dinner was consumed my family, my middle daughter, who is 6 years old, goes upstairs and comes back down with $1. She proceeds to tell me what a wonderful meal I had prepared and wanted to show her appreciation with her payment. I seriously laughed out loud because this has never happened before. There is true joy when you kids love and enjoy their mother’s cooking.

      I hope that you make this dish. Make sure to tag me with #singerinkitchen on social media or email me and share some family recipes you love. Thanks!

      I have included a recipe for creamy mashed potatoes because this dish is best enjoyed with them along with a Chilean tomato salad.

      Pollo Al Jugo Chileno closeup - Rumba Meats

      Pollo al Jugo Chileno con Puré de Papa {Chicken au Jus}

      by Noelle Kelly

      Prep Time: 15 minutes

      Cook Time: 20 minutes


      Ingredients (4 servings)

        For Chicken Dish

        • 1 package Rumba Meats Pollo Adobado
        • 8 carrots, peeled and sliced
        • 2 large onions, sliced
        • 1 green bell pepper, cored and sliced
        • 4 garlic cloves, sliced
        • 2 bay leaves
        • 1/2 teaspoon salt
        • 1 cup of water
        • 1 cup white wine

        For mashed potatoes

        • 8 Yukon gold potatoes, peeled and cubed
        • 3 tablespoons butter, melted
        • 1/3 cup milk
        • 1/4 cup sour cream
        • 1/2 teaspoon salt
        • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper, ground


        The whole meal is made complete with mashed potatoes and tomato salad.

        Add cubed potatoes to a large pot and cover with water. Heat water and bring the water to a boil. While the potatoes cook, pan fry the chicken thighs in a Dutch oven on medium heat.


        Pan fry on each side for 7 minutes.

        Rumba Meats Adobado

        Remove from heat and place chicken on a dish.

        Meanwhile, add the carrots, onions, peppers, and garlic and saute’ veggies in the chicken drippings for about 5 minutes.

        Veggies in a Pot - Rumba Meats


        Add the salt, bay leaves, water and wine and mix well.

        Lastly, place the chicken thighs back into the pot cover pot. Cook the chicken for another 15 minutes.

        Stir well and add mixture back in to the stew. Cook for another 5 minutes and turn off heat.

        Pollo Al Jugo Chileno in pot

        While chicken is cooking, check that the potatoes are cooked by checking them with a fork. If cooked, drain the water and return potatoes to the pot.

        Turn heat on the low. Add the butter and milk to the potatoes and mash the potatoes with a potato masher. Add the sour cream ,salt and pepper and continue mashing. Switch to a wooden spoon and whip the potatoes until creamy. Keep warm until chicken is ready.

        Serve 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes with 1 chicken thigh and a spoonful of veggies and broth.

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        Pollo al Jugo Chileno -Rumba Meats - recipe

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        Medterra CBD Oil Tincture {Review}

        August 8th, 2019

        Moms meet disclosure

        Medterra CBD oil tincture

        National CBD Day!

        Happy National CBD Day! It is the second year to celebrate CBD or cannabidiol,  a chemical compound from the cannabis plant. It can be taken on its own, added to foods or drinks and more.  I personally have been taking hemp-derived CBD since last year and I have a chance to share about Medterra CBD Oil Tincture. CBD oil and Hemp oil are different in that hemp oil does not contain CBD. It is coming from the seeds of the plant whereas CBD oil comes from the whole plant itself.

        One of the things I like to let my readers know is that I only review and share about products that I have tested and decided to make my own.

        What is the endocannabinoid system?

        When I was in high school and college, I took my share of biology and chemistry classes and I was super interested about my body and chemical compounds. Never in that time did I learn or hear anything about the endocannabinoid system and that is only because it was discovered in the early 1990’s.  This system is  biological and are composed of neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid receptors within the body and brain.


        CBD is one of the primary cannabinoids found in hemp. There are two main cannabinoid receptors called C1 and C2 that are found as cells throughout the body. The receptors play a huge role in the physiological processes responsible for helping the memory, mood, and discomfort.

        This is a lot of science but for anyone dealing with discomfort, or mood imbalances or for answers for issues they cannot quite pinpoint, there is some comfort in knowing that that something new can be something good for the body.

        I suffer from heat- and exercise-induced migraines. Sometimes they happen when I drink red wine or when I am extremely tired. I only discovered last year that CBD is the only supplement that really helps.

        Medterra CBD oil tincture - dosing

        Medterra CBD Oil Tincture

        Medterra CBD Oil Tincture is made with Medterra’s 99%+ CBD and MCT oil in strengths of 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 3000 mg. It is grown and extracted in the United States and is fully compliant under the Kentucky Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot
        Program. Each CBD Tincture contains 30 servings and can be taken day or night,
        sublingually. All of Medterra’s CBD products contain 0% THC, guaranteed.

        Medterra Moms Meet box (1)

        I have been using the 1000mg tincture daily. I started at half the recommended dose and gradually increased mostly in the evenings so I could relax and sleep. Here are a few things I struggle with:

        • Migraines
        • Stress
        • Anxiety
        • Sensitivity to noise
        • Claustrophobia

        My life has been surrounded with stress for as long as I can remember. While I cannot at the moment find time to relax and do yoga, I have chosen to take CBD to help with overwhelming stress or anxiety. Before I know that at migraine is about to present itself, I take a dose of CBD oil and it reduces my symptoms better than any other product I have tried.

        How do I know which CBD oil I should take?

        Not every CBD oil is created equal. Read, research and learn. Medterra utilizes a whole plant CO2 extraction that allows them to draw the CBD from the plant material and filter out unnatural substances, maximizing pure CBD concentration. Each and every product that leaves Medterra’s facility is third-party tested to ensure consistency and quality.

        Knowing the dose should take is next. I did not exactly know what dose I should be taking but Medterra shared how much CBD is actually in each dropperful:

        All of the Medterra Tinctures, regardless of potency, are offered in a one ounce bottle and contain 30, 1mL servings. The dropper applicator has measurement markers on it (0.25, 0.50, 0.75 and 1mL), allowing for accuracy and flexibility of serving sizes.

        Below is a breakdown of milligrams per dropper (mL), based on the strength of our different tinctures. There are 30, 1mL servings in each bottle:

        500mg = 16mg of CBD per dropper
        1000mg = 33mg of CBD per dropper
        3000mg = 100mg of CBD per dropper

        I looked for a calculator that would be better suited for a first timer and it calculated pretty much what I am currently taking. Beyond that, everyone will have different results so make sure you start small and increase little by little to help with symptoms.

        Here is another sample dosage calculator found here:

        CBD dosage calculator

        Where to find Medterra

        A 1000 mg bottle typically retails for $55.99. Medterra CBD Oil Tincture is available to purchase at your local retailer and on To find this product in your area, visit for the full list of locations. Learn more by connecting with Medterra online:


        Use promo code MomsMeet to save 15% off your first Medterra
        order by visiting or clicking here.


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        Pollo Ranchero Tostadas

        July 17th, 2019

        Rumba Meats banner

        Rumba Meats - Pollo Ranchero Tostadas - brand

        Have you had a chance to run to the grocery store to try Rumba Meats newest product at Giant and Martin’s Food Stores? If you like Latin-American foods like our family, having pre-marinated meats as an option for a busy night is super ideal. Today I am sharing this recipe for Pollo Ranchero Tostadas, a meal that is on the table within 45 minutes.

        Pollo Ranchero Tostadas -flatlay

        Traditional Meals

        When I became a mom I did not realize what kind of meals my kids would like. What I mainly focused on was making sure my family were exposed to all of kinds of foods. Do you have memories of your mother or relative making authentic dishes but had no clue how to replicate it? A lot of my meal creations are based on memories and flavors I experienced as a child.

        Rumba Meats - Ingredients for Tostadas

        Tostadas are very versatile and can be enjoyed with various toppings. This is an ideal way to get your kids involved in the kitchen. Turn Taco Tuesday into Tostada Tuesday and make your kids happy with good Mexican food. I believe my Mexican grandmother would be happy that my family enjoys all kinds of good food.

        Rumba Meats Pollo Ranchero - cooked

        Rumba Meats Pollo Ranchero

        I highlighted Rumba Meats Pollo Adobado in my Arroz con Pollo post last week but today I share another product called Pollo Ranchero. These chicken thighs are marinated with tomatoes, roasted poblano peppers, guajillo and red peppers, garlic, onion and cumin. These chicken thighs cook so nicely over a cast iron and can also be easily done on a grill. The chicken is so juicy and flavorful the leftovers  make for other amazing meal possibilities. It is nice to know that a product is available with so much flavor.

        Pollo Ranchero - flatlay meal (1)

        They make a quick great meal option any day of the week because all you have to do is roast the chicken and serve with 2 simple sides.

        Rumba Meats - Pollo Ranchero Tostadas

        One of our meals last week were these deliciously savory chicken thighs with a side of rice and sautéed zucchini. This meal was definitely a 30 minute meal.

        Pollo Ranchero Tostadas - served

        Pollo Ranchero Tostadas

        This meal is ready within 45 minutes and is a fun meal to have with family and friends. There is an option to buy ready-made tostadas at a grocery store or my recipe for oven-baked tostadas is a great option that can be prepared as the chicken is cooking.

        by Noelle Kelly

        Prep Time: 15 minutes

        Cook Time: 30 minutes




        Ingredients (4 servings)

        • 1 package Rumba Meats Pollo Ranchero
        • 12 corn tortillas (or buy premade tostadas)
        • Olive oil spray
        • 1-16 ounce can refried beans
        • 1 ½ cups Romaine lettuce, chopped
        • 2 tomatoes, with core and seeds removed, chopped
        • ½ cup Cotija cheese, crumbled
        • ½ cup Mexican sour cream or regular sour cream
        • 1 large ripe avocado, sliced
        • ½ cup salsa verde


        Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

        Pollo Ranchero - cooked

        Heat a large cast iron skillet on medium heat and add the chicken thighs to the pan. Cook the chicken for 15 minutes on each side.

        Homemade baked tostadas

        As the chicken cooks, bake the corn tortillas in the oven. Spray both sides of all the tortillas with the olive oil spray.

        Ready tostadas and chicken

        Add 6 tortillas directly on the oven grates and bake for 6 minutes. Rotate the tortillas and cook for an additional 2 minutes. Remove from oven and set aside to cool. Repeat with the rest of the tortillas.

        Prepare the lettuce and tomatoes as the chicken finishes cooking.

        When the chicken is ready ( 165 F internal heat), remove 3 chicken thighs and chop chicken after removing chicken from the bone. Save the rest of the chicken for another meal.

        This slideshow requires JavaScript.

        Assemble the tostadas by heating the refried beans for 2 minutes in the microwave. Add 2 tablespoons of refried beans to each tostada and spread evenly.

        Pollo Ranchero Tostadas - single

        8. Next, add the lettuce, tomato and about 1/4 cup of chopped chicken. Finish off with a slice of avocado and a nice drizzle of sour cream and salsa verde.

        * Sour cream can be thinned out with half and half for sour cream to be drizzled onto tostada* If you cannot find Cotija cheese, feta cheese makes a great substitute*

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        Where to Buy Rumba Meats

        I love the fact that these marinated meats are in colorful packaging. They are in the refrigerated meat section of the grocery store. Want to try the product? Check out this coupon to save money!

        Giant Food Store - Rumba Meats collage

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        Facebook –

        YouTube - 

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        Arroz con Pollo Adobado [Red Chile Chicken and Rice]

        July 10th, 2019

        Rumba Meats banner.png

        Rumba Meats - Arroz con Pollo Adobado (hero)

        Summer Schedule

        I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July! It was the first year that my kiddos were able to enjoy late night fireworks and it was truly worth it! Summer is in full swing and with a full calendar of events it has been challenging to get meals on the table.

        When I make my meals, I take everything seriously. I hardly ever make the same thing twice unless I get requests from my kids or my husband. Those meals usually rotate between tacos and tacos. Yes, I think my kids could live on rice and beans and tacos but of course that is just now how I run my household. 

        Rumba Meats Pollo Adobado - pan-fried

        Planning meals

        Even though I have tried to meal plan, I usually do not stick to it so I try to buy a variety of protein options so that when I am inspired that day, I have it available. I use the available vegetables that I purchase that are mostly seasonal and create dishes. 

        Sometimes they are a fusion of two cuisines or they can be an interpretation of a certain ethnic dishes. I love running across articles like the one HuffPost published in 2017 called The 11 Best Ethnic Dishes to Make at Home

        Rumba Meats Pollo Adobado meal prep


        Rumba® Meats

        There are some days I wish I had time to marinate meats to prepare certain dinners at home but then I go simple and uncomplicated. I was recently introduced to Rumba Meats’ pre-marinated Pollo Adobado, which comes as a package of chicken thighs that have been marinated with ancho, pasilla and chipotle peppers, raisins, orange, garlic, onion, oregano, cumin and bay leaf. There is nothing to worry when it comes to the spice level. The peppers in this recipe serves to bring a robust flavor to the chicken so it is acceptable for kids.

        Am I the only one excited about this? 

        Giant Food Store - Rumba Meats collage

        I found the package at my local Giant Food store in the refrigerated meat section of the store. It has colorful packaging to set itself aside from the rest of the products in the area.

        Here is a coupon for you to use on your first purchase.

        Arroz con Pollo Adobado - plated

        Arroz con Pollo Adobado

        I quickly decided that I would make a typical dish my mother would make when I was growing up. A quick way to get a little bit of everything on a plate was to prepare Arroz con Pollo, or Chicken and Rice. It is a great one-pot meal and can easily become a favorite in your household. The key to the dish, I always felt, was the chicken. Rumba Meats Pollo Adobado provides all the authentic ingredients to be able to prepare a variety of Hispanic dishes using one product.

        Frying the chicken seals in the flavors, and a bigger plus when the chicken has been pre-marinated. After preparing my version of Arroz con Pollo with Rumba Meats Pollo Adobado, within 45 minutes, I knew my family would enjoy it immensely.

        When it comes to preparing this recipe, the chicken is already ready to cook. While the chicken is pan-frying, quickly chop the vegetables. For busier folks, the veggies can be prepared the night before.

        Arroz con Pollo Adobado - closeup

        Arroz con Pollo Adobado (Red Chile Chicken and Rice)

        by Noelle Kelly

        Prep Time: 20 minutes

        Cook Time: 30 minutes


        Ingredients (8 servings (1 cup))

        • 1 Rumba® Pollo Adobado (1 package about 7 thighs)
        • 1 Tablespoon olive oil
        • 1 cup white onion, diced
        • 1 cup green bell pepper, diced and seeded
        • 1 cup carrots, diced
        • 1 cup celery, diced finely
        • 1 cup Yukon gold potatoes, chopped in 1-inch cubes
        • 4 garlic cloves, minced
        • 1 bay leaf
        • 1 ½ teaspoons salt
        • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
        • ½ cup green olives, stuffed with pimentos
        • 2 cups white rice
        • 3 1/2 cups water


        Heat olive oil in a large pot on medium heat. Add the thighs to the pot and fry the chicken until golden on each side about 5 minutes on each side.

        Rumba Meats Pollo Adobado - prep

        When finished cooking, remove chicken from the pot and place on a large plate, keeping the chicken hot by the stove.

        Rumba Meats - Sauteing

        Add the onions, peppers, and celery to the pot and saute for 5 minutes. Add the minced garlic, carrots, potatoes and rice and saute for another 5 minutes.

        Rumba Meats - Rice & Potatoes

        Lastly, add the green olives, cilantro, bay leaf, salt and pepper and water and bring to a boil for 5 minutes.

        Rumba Meats - Chicken back in pot

        Add the chicken thighs back into the pot, within the rice mixture. Place heat on low and cover pot. Cook for 20 minutes.

        Rumba Meats - Arroz con Pollo Adobadon

        Uncover the pot and continue by removing and shredding the chicken from the bones. Discard the bones and excess skin to the trash.

        Arroz con Pollo Adobado

        Mix the shredded chicken within the rice mixture. Each serving is 1 cups. Serve with a green salad.

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        Arroz con Pollo Adobado - flatlay

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