Nicobella Chocolate Review and Giveaway


WINNER ANNOUNCED: CONTEST CLOSEDDid I say chocolate? Yes, I did. If you look at my index you will notice many recipes using chocolate because I like it. I like a specific type of chocolate though. It has to be dark and pure even if it means it is 90% dark. Give it to me bitter!

Ryan gives me a hard time when I do not keep semi-sweet chocolate or chocolate chips because he prefers that kind but I find that I crave sweets or even chocolate less when I have it in its purer forms. In fact, I received some samples for dark chocolate back last month, tried half of them and did not taste the rest for a whole month! I just have not been craving or desiring sweets. Thank God! Hee hee hee.


What are those samples I am talking about? I am talking about a wonderful company called Nicobella. I first read about them online about their organic chocolate. I read the owner’s story and immediately knew that I would love her product. If you get some time, please read Nichole Dandrea’s story. The success of a company seems to be based on a passion and she certainly found it and went with it.

Her company specializes making organic dark chocolate vegan truffles and munch, which I plan on ordering soon! The truffles are void of cream and sugar and are subsituted using natural ingredients like brown rice syrup, agave nectar and fair trade products. I received a box of truffles with Nicobella’s signature 6 truffles.


The ganache center is was naturally flavored which each specific and designated name. Here are my thoughts:
  • Blueberry Almond- There was a defined blueberry flavor that was pleasant and it blended well with the almond, especially with the crunch added as decoration.
  • Ginger Green Tea- It was hard to taste the ginger because the green tea overpowered it but since I like match green tea it was a great combination with the dark chocolate.
  • Pumpkin Chai- YUM! This was like a Chai drink and a chocolate pumpkin pie made into one candy. It was very delicious. I even saved that half for a later occasion. *wink*
  • Pure Bliss Cocoa-The pure cocoa enhanced the dark chocolate flavor and made for a creamy chocolate moment. If you are a plain dark chocolate purist, this is for you.
  • Walnut Flaxseed Crunch-There was definitely crunch but it was minimal, perfect in a truffle. I do not know what got in the way, whether it was the flax or the walnut but it might have been the flaxseed flavor.
  • Sunflower Banana Butter-This was the most interesting flavor and probably not my favorite. It was a creamy buttery flavor because of the sunflower but it did not grab my senses to much. The flavor distracted me to much.

All in all I have to say that the Pumpkin Chai was my favorite. I look forward trying the munch soon. Nichole was generous to offer a box of truffles to one of my readers. If you are interested in trying these decadent treats please enter. Only open to US residents.

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Giveaway will end on Sunday, March 6th, at midnight EST. A winner will be announced on March 7th. Good luck!