Chez Chopin CD and Recipe Review / Giveaway

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Wow, this year is almost over, can you believe it? There is so many things that have happened this year but I do not have the time to show you everything that I have accomplished. I love reading other people’s year-in- review-posts through my Droid in the middle of the night when I am feeding baby girl. Yes this is how I catch up for sure!

One of the things I purposed this coming year is to be able to review my favorite compact discs (CDs) of classical and opera. Even though these past years have focused on recipes, life, and my singing, I hope to focus more on my singing and the challenges of having a baby. I love the fact that I can introduce music to my beautiful baby because I do not know how it will influence her as she grows up. 

Which CD will I start reviewing? Well, Delos Music was generous enough to introduce me to Evelyne Brancart playing Chopin in her CD called Chez Chopin which means Chopin’s home. How did Delos Music know I liked Chopin? My grandmother used to play Chopin to us and we would listen to it on records. I fell in love. 

This CD was created by the pianist with 24 etudes and 24 recipes. The CD comes with 2 discs. One disc has all 24 pieces performed by the pianist while the second disc has a program that plays the piece with the recipe that is featured. Ms. Brancart explains how each recipe is like the piece and describes each with much color.

I cannot wait to try two recipes. All her recipes have French titles with a translation. The recipes are very gourmet but not at all complicated. As the new year approaches I am excited to get back into the kitchen a little more. My almost-2 month old baby girl is growing up fast and finding ways to include her in the kitchen is becoming real fun.  Here is a preview of the recipes I will be trying:

Check out Ms. Brancart’s work on Delos Music’s website:

This CD would make a great gift for a foodie who loves music, or just any foodie!

A new update!

Delos Music wants 3 of you to win a copy of this CD.

Here is how to enter:

Answer this question:

1. Which of these genres of music do you like best? (Leave a comment letting me know)
  1. Classical
  2. Rock
  3. Pop
  4. Opera
  5. Country
2. Follow Opera Singer in the Kitchen on Facebook
3. Follow OSIK on Twitter
4.Follow my blog on Google Reader
5.Follow Delos Music on Twitter

Winner will be announced Friday, January 6th. Open to US readers only.
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  • Kirsten Taggart

    Those little pockets look really tasty! Looking forward to your music posts.
    All the best in 2012.

  • Choate Family

    Oh, I LOVE Chopin (especially his cello sonata in g minor), and I love to cook. I’m putting this book on my wishlist for when we return to the States!

  • Monet

    Yum! Happy New Year Sweet Friend! Thank you for knowing how to make me smile with your words, your food, and your presence in my life. Blessings in the year to come!


    My favorite genre would def. be classical (and a few opera that I’ve heard and liked)


    I follow you on Facebook :)

  • T.M.

    I love classical….especially Chopin and Bach. I follow you on Facebook.

  • Bridget


  • ThymeX

    I like all kinds of music anyone flipping through my Ipod would be totally confused I have everything from country to opera on there as long as its done well!
    I Love Music!

  • Seth


    Following you on all of the above Noelle!

  • Victoria

    I love country!! I have recently discovered Josh Turner and love him!! Of course, my old favorites are Chris Young, Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts. I absolutely love Classical music, but not as much as country. I love Handel’s Largo(from Xerxes).

  • Bethany S.

    I guess I’d have to pick Opera, since that’s closest to Broadway/show tunes/musicals. I also enjoy Classical (I have a soft spot for the trumpet, as that’s what my husband plays).

  • Bethany S.

    I “like” you on facebook!