5 1/2 months and counting

5 months

Our little one has been growing SO quickly! I cannot believe that 6 months is approaching. As Ryan reminded me last night, “Hey, she has 10 days until she can eat real food!” Which meant Cheerios for him. More on that later!

Yes, I cannot believe we are approaching the time when we will shortly be introducing real food to our little girl. Her hands have been super active as she places every item she picks up in her mouth. Does it mean, though, that she wants to eat? No, of course not.

This past weekend I took Julianne to PF Changs to meet some friends and when my food arrived I almost lost the plate. She went towards the plate of vegetables and wanted in on everything mommy was doing.

Now I know how hard it is to hold a baby that is in the curious stage and to eat dinner.

Spring day

What have we been enjoying lately? Walks! Even though I am trying to vary my exercise during the week, we do go walking now that it is starting to get nicer. I go to Zumba twice a week and Ryan takes Julianne for walks or he does errands with her.

5 months

She loves being in her Ergo and I think someone is also starting to be a Daddy’s girl. Julianne seems to have gotten oujt of the stage of crying when she sees new people. Instead, she becomes bashful and hides her head in my neck. It is so CUTE!

Every time Ryan comes into a room she REALLY lights up. If she hears his voice, she stops what she is doing and turns around to see where he is. It truly melts my heart.

22 weeks

We recently were gifted an exersaucer, so Julianne seems to have been waiting for it. We promptly placed her in it and she started bouncing her little bum in it. We have been laughing with her and she gets super excited jumping up and down. She even figured out very quickly how to rotate around in her seat.

5 month tummy time

Julianne has not quite learned how to roll even though she has done it once all by herself. She went from tummy to back, then from back to tummy in order to get a toy. I try putting her on my tummy a lot so she continues to strengthen her neck but sometimes we get like this:

5 month tummy time

Hahaha. Cutie Patootie! I actually have been trying different things in order for her to start rolling. I feel like the play mats restrict from moving to the tummies but that is just my opinion over this past week. I love trying new things to see how she will start moving more. I am taking one day at a time and really just being patient.

I believe taking a break from sugar will help a lot of things. I will be writing about my experience soon and how it has already helped my moods and my stamina. It has been great for this working-at-home mommy.

What are your tips or tricks for staying more alert and energetic during the day?

Inspired by Family Magazine