Thanksgiving Weekend

We enjoyed our Thanksgiving this past weekend, did you? It was nice to have the hubby home and my sister and bro-in-law for company this year. It was great to have someone helping out in the kitchen and having more than 1 mouth to feed.

Last year Julianne was about 3 weeks old and everyone was out of town so it was a very quiet Thanksgiving. I still made a turkey with all the side dishes but it was strange not celebrating with family.

This year there were five of us and it was fun. I made the same turkey I have made the last 3 years from Bon Appetit. It is a no-fail recipe and it is easy to me so maybe next year I will try a new recipe.

While the turkey was brining for 18 hours, we prepared a pumpkin pie.

I also made a corn-syrup free Pecan Pie from Deliciously Organic‘s website. It was delicious and a hit with me because I had been wanting pecan pie for weeks!

Since we had the pies baked a day ahead they kept tantalizing me. It was hard not to dig into them!

Our finished product!

My sister and I had tried a delicious appetizer at a restaurant and decided to make them as a starter for our meal. Goat cheese-stuffed dates wrapped in prosciutto and baked in the oven. They were SOOOO good. The men raved and planned on making them for Christmas already!

I decided to try an alcohol-free wine which turned out to taste disgusting. Why bother seriously? I definitely think it is better to have the real thing and wait so I am not doing that again. Alcohol-free beer is SO much better.

I took an almost 28-week picture with a new haircut. Did I mention that I have a hairstylist living next to me? All I had to do was walk over and get a hair cut and color. Seeing that I am already limited with my time. I feel blessed to have someone that is okay with me coming over and having my hair cut. SCORE!

On Black Friday, Ryan and I were given the opportunity to go on an ALL-DATE. We were out for 12 hours while my sister and BIL babysat for Julianne. It was amazing and rejuvenating. Even though we did not have a lot of planned shopping to do we thought it would be fun to be out and see how the crowds would be like. It was disappointing! It was so not crowded but by the time mid day came around, the malls started getting busier.

On Saturday we decided to go on a walk around downtown West Chester since my sister and BIL had not been. We decided to also see what this Small Business Saturday was all about. It was a VERY chilly and windy but it was perfect for Julianne because she actually took an hour nap in the Ergo as we went into different shops.

We went into a gallery where they were showcasing not only paintings but jewelry by an artist as well. It was gorgeous and intricately painted.

Christmas decorations were underway. 

We also visited Highland Orchards where we bought a variety of apples and apple cider doughnuts. YUM!

Julianne enjoyed saying hello to the goats in the farm area. She wanted to feed them hay.

All in all the weekend was lovely and restful. I did not think it went by too quickly but it was the perfect amount of time to spend with this small family.

How was YOUR weekend?