Primal Meatless Vegan Jerky REVIEW and GIVEAWAY

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The lovely people at Primal were nice enough to send me a great sample to try. I had started seeing these at my local health store, but had not tried them yet. Even though I was not the type of girl to be into jerky, I thought these would be great to have on a road trip or when I was busy between rehearsals or even away from home.

Thanks Primal! These came in super handy and were very delicious! A girl has got to have her protein and I got it through this delicious product. They supply the jerky in 3 forms:

  • Seitan
  • Soy
  • Shitake Mushroom

Does this sound appealing? At first it might not, but to me it was intriguing. Since being a vegan, I had yet to try seitan in different recipes so I did not really know what the falvor was going to be like. I am going to go right out and say it. I REALLY LIKED the Seitan Mesquite Lime Jerky.

This jerky came in so handy during one of my rehearsals because I had not had time to pack up a lunch so I took some leftover salad and this jerky and boy, did I enjoy it! It is a little messy, but it was not that tough to eat like normal non-vegan jerky. I even cut it in several pieces and added it to my salad. YUM!

What about the Teriyaki flavor and the Thai Peanut flavor? They were equally as delicious!! I am very much looking forward buying more of this product and taking it on trips or long rehearsals in the future.

OK so how about the Soy and Mushroom Based Jerky? They were a bit tougher and not my favorite. The soy based jerky comes in BBQ flavor and Hickory Smoked flavor, but I really could not get into them.

The flavor was not my favorite but that was my opinion. I hear that other people enjoy it. Maybe because I really really was just wanting more of the seitan based jerky. I am biased already!

The Mushroom-based jerky also proved to be a little too tough for my liking but if you are a true jerky lover, this might just be your kind of thing.

Now if you want to try the soy-based and mushroom-based jerky I have 6 of them to give away.

Please leave me a comment letting me know which is your favorite emergency snack and I will randomly pic a winner to receive:

  • 2 Hickory Smoked Soy Jerky
  • 2 Texas BBQ Soy Jerky
          • 2 Shitake Mushroom Jerky

Here is your chance to try this great product and to give your OWN opinion. Winner to be announced on Monday, May 17th, on my anniversary.

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  • Linze

    Oh my favorite emergency snack would be Reese’s peanut butter cups!

    linzendrsn at yahoo dot com

  • Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty

    my favorite emergency snack = apple/peanut butter… or just peanut butter on a spoon!! :)

    Great giveaway, I’ve wanted to test this stuff out…

  • Emma

    My favourite emergency snack is “coffee crisp”. Yes I know not very healthy but it does the trick :)

    Maybe If I won those Jerky, I will have a healthier choice.

  • Ashley

    My fave emergency snack is a granola bar – Clif or Luna usually :-).

  • Natalie

    My favorite snack is crackers and hummus, or banana with peanut butter. I usually try to avoid cheese or chocolate as a snack, since I will usually binge and make it my meal!

  • Tanya

    I LOVE these!! And my favorite is the Lime flavor too :) Let’s see, actually these may be my favorite emergency snack…but sometimes it’s just pretzels and raw nuts. OR….some sliced carrots with guacamole.

  • Cody

    My favorite emergency snack is probably dried apricots!

  • Graygrrrl

    My fav emergency snack used to be goat cheese and crackers, but since I started cutting out dairy that’s now out. My new favorite is hummus and Ezekiel pitas- yum!

  • Commando Filis

    Chocolate chip cookie with glass of milk.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite snack, because my Mom made it for me EVERY NIGHT OF MY LIFE (true story): popcorn made in a skillet on the stove top – heat the oil until it pops when a drop of water hits it, pour in the kernels and it pops perfectly! Top with melted butter and salt. I could eat this every day!

    Reason I should win: you will come visit me in New Mexico in about a month, so you would save shipping/handling by just stuffing it in your carry-on bag! :-)



  • Bria @ West of Persia

    That mushroom flavor looks pretty cool. My favorite emergency snack would have to be a trail mix I’ve premade with almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, apricots, dried cherries and raisins. It’s portable and gives me a quick boost of energy. Apples with almond or sunflower seed butter are a close second. If I have time, oatmeal with almond butter or sunflower seed butter mixed in is another good one.

  • kirsten

    My favorite emergency snack would be a peanut butter and jam sandwich.

    I just recently bought a primal meatless vegan jerky treat. I think I got the teriyaki one. I was surprised on how “meaty” it tasted.

  • Jennifer

    My emergency snack is cheese (always have cheese) and also crackers

  • Melanie

    My favorite emergency snack right now would have to be apple or Lundbergs lightly salted brown rice cakes smothered in tasty sunflower seed butter. YUM!

  • Abigail Frances

    My favorite snack is curry roasted peanuts or cashews. SO YUMMY. But I also love primal strips, especially the hickory bbq, and I agree, they’re perfect for long rehearsals.