Libre Tea and Tea Glass Review

LIbre Review

Hello everyone! I know it has been a bit but I have needed some time off for a bit. Can you believe it is almost March? I can’t. This year has already started flying!

I will be having several reviews in the next couple of weeks for products that I have been able to enjoy. I usually only review items that go with my lifestyle but sometimes I like reviewing items that I have never tried before.

Many people know that I enjoy hot beverages. On most occasions I can focus more on coffee and all that is coffee but other times I sit back and relax with some herbal or low caffeinated teas. Lately I have been in my tea moods. I have not been wanting any coffee lately so I have been resorting to my tea collection. Do not get me near a tea shop or else my wallet will be in trouble. There is something about walking into a tea shop and smelling all the different types. Sometimes I think it is an evil ploy so that the customers will continue buying and buying more. Hee hee.

Good thing I do not have a place near me because I can focus on using up the supply of tea bags and loose tea I have. When Libre tea contacted me aksing whether I would be interested in reviewing their Tea Glass and one of their teas, I agreed! How exciting since I had a mug but was not completely satisfied with how the tea became so cold so fast.


Libre tea glasses are special and amazing. The brand I received has an polycarbonate exterior that is BPA-free and a glass interior. It keeps the tea hot a long time and it has an stainless steel filter where the loose tea leaves can steep. I like traveling in style because as I let it steep. I placed it in my purse and walked around with it. It is leak-proof too!

The other wonderful thing about this glass is that I also do not need to keep the filter attached to the glass. I can drop a tea bag and our hot water and go. I am looking forward taking a delicious concoction with me on my next concert.


Libre tea also sent me some samples of their organic Ming Mei green tea. It is a high quality tea from a specific province in China. I first placed hot water into the tea glass and then screwed on the filter. I then poured the 3 grams of loose tea into the filter and placed the lid on top. I flipped the tea glass over and let it steep according to the packaged directions. I was happy to know I could use the teas at least 2 other times.

The green tea was lovely and not too strong. I usually do not put sweetners into my tea so I enjoyed it as is, in its pure form. I cannot wait to try it again and with other loose teas.

If you get a chance, check out Libre’s site. They have different type of tea glasses, even ones that have both a glass interior and exterior!