.Sprouts. Jewelry Review

I am really excited to share this review with you this week. I am a huge fan of jewelry, especially when it comes to sterling silver. If there is something you did not know about me is that I love making my own jewelry but it is all more focused on designing and beading and nothing compared to what Rose Kren makes in her daily life.

I find myself endorsing Rose because well, even though I now live in Pennsylvania, I still miss Michigan and local business there. I somehow did not experience local businesses  while living in Texas, so as I learned about small towns and cities in Michigan, I discovered fun and amazing companies.

I actually came across Rose Kren’s jewelry company, .Sprouts., through a friend on Facebook. I perused her Etsy shop and I was floored by the quality and design of each piece posted in her store. Rose hand crafts each piece of jewelry using the highest quality of products.

Rose in her studio (picture from .sprouts. FB page)

Even though my review is focused on sterling silver, Rose uses copper, fine silver, and antiqued nickel free brass to make numerous pieces. Another point to make is that she purchases all her supplies from locals.

Pendant made with the antiqued brass (photo from .sprouts. FB page)

What did I get from her shop? One of my favorite pieces of jewelry happen to be rings. My husband knows it and depending on our vacation or trips we look for special local shops to purchase a special sterling silver ring. Okay, I lie, it has only happened once and it was in New Mexico. I wear that ring a lot too! I only wish I could but when I go to shows I always gravitate towards the rings.

As I perused the Etsy shop I stopped and stared at all the stacked ring options.

I knew I had to choose from one of these.

When I opened my box I loved how shiny and new the rings looked. To think that these rings were all hand crafted and created by Rose. It was beautiful. It was a perfect weight and instructions on how to take care of my rings were included. Nice!

The great plus about stacked rings is that they can be worn all together or individually.

Don’t these look fun? I love them! Even though Rose allowed me to review this piece of jewelry I ordered another piece from her store that I am giving as a gift. I could not share that picture of disclose any information as it might ruin someone’s birthday but I LOVED THE FINISHED PRODUCT!  I cannot wait to share it with my friend.

Are you a jewelry lover? Go to the .sprouts. Etsy page and check out all the beautiful pieces. Rose can make anything special order especially for friends or family.

If you order now, here is what Rose is doing. She in general donates 10% of her profits to charity but for now until the end of the month she is doing this:

Check out .sprouts. on Facebook and on Etsy