Chocolate Peanut Butter Green Monster Smoothie and Workouts

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Green Smoothie

The past 2 days I have been experiencing HARD workouts at a local gym that was offering a free 3 week trial to what their classes were like. I have had the option to do group training or semi-private training, which I have yet to try.

I was suprised that after the holidays I was able to go back and wake up at 6am for my morning workouts. IT has come with some repercussions. My body has been tired and been wanting to hibernate. Even though I worked out some while in Texas, it was not nearly the same regimen as I was following back home.

I have been feeling tired and sore, but then OH so GOOD! I checked out a Total Body Transformation class where I was thought how to correctly stretch for 5-7 minutes. This class was also going to teach me the basics for all other classes. I was already sweating within that time! BY the time we got into the workouts, I truly felt that my body was warmed up.

You know you have been the one to get on the treadmill or the elliptical machine without stretching because I have done it too. It is the worst thing for the knees. Anyway, our trainer really showed how to work ourown bodies using our own strength. Even though weights and machines are great, it is AMAZING how much more of a full workout it is when using your own strength to get the work done.

This all included planks, bands,TRX suspension training, balance balls, and pushups. Yes, it was amazing how I felt after my first workout. What I totally did not expect was how I was going to feel the next day.

The trainer told me after class that he totally thought I was ready to try the group classes and/or semi-private classes. He could tell the stuff we were doing was easier for me than others. It was GREAT to know I have been in better shape and health to be able to progress further in my routine and workouts.

IN comes TODAY. Group class with the same trainer.

I did well the first 15 minutes and then thought. “Oh my goodness, I have 45 more minutes!” LOL

I partnered with a gal who had been doing the classes for a while. We did circuit training with a variety of methods. I also worked with kettlebells for the FIRST time.

I was huffing and puffing at the 45 minute mark and we still had 15 more minutes of intense workout. CRAP

Yes. It was good. I worked my booty hard and even though I was offered lighter weights or easier ropes (for arm workouts), I refused. I did not want to be a slacker. I did reach the point where I modified 2 different steps in order not to get overheated.

Silly me had coffee in th evening. BIG bad NO NO. I was dehydrated in the morning and my breathing was belabored. I know the difference. I live and learn.

What I forgot was to have a bit of protein before going to my workout so I was also getting nauseous and slightly dizzy.

Once I got home from my CRAZY workout I was starving.

I craved a GREEN SMOOTHIE! Yes, I have had one since coming back from my holidays, so this was my second one and I really craved chocolate and peanut butter. This has been a first friends.

Note to all. This smoothie was definitely a MEAL REPLACEMENT. I calculated the calories and have planned accordingly for my day.

It really hit the spot and tasted more like a shake than anything. If you are reading this now and have never had a green smoothie before, try this one.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Green Smoothie

Chocolate Peanut Butter Green Monster Smoothie

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serves 1 (16 ounce) or 2 (8 ounces)

total (500 calories in the 16 ounce serving)

1 banana (frozen or fresh)
2 Tablespoons Trader Joe’s smooth peanut butter
2 Tablespoons organic cocoa powder
3/4 cup water
1/2 cup SO Delicious original coconut milk
1 scoop protein powder
2 cups packed spinach
1 Tablespoons flaxseed oil
1/2 Tablespoon agave nectar or maple syrup

Place all ingredients in a high-powered blender and blend until smooth.

I left out the ice so I would not get cold but Adding ice is an option or using a frozen banana is good too.

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  • Brian

    you know, i cant exactly relate to all of the excercise and workout stuff, but i can totally relate to that smoothie. sounds awesome :)

  • Emily Malloy

    I’d run 12 trillion miles to your house just to have that Green Monster :o)

    …Or I could replicate your recipe!

  • Hester aka The Chefdoc

    Holy cow, this looks interesting! Kudos to you for pushing through your workout :-) I’m currently feeling sore and maybe after another hardcore workout tomorrow, I’ll make some of this!

  • Justine

    You’re inspiring me to push harder with my workouts. Thank you!

    That smoothie sure sounds healthy and delicious! Peanut butter, cocoa, banana, and So Delicious coconut milk are all yummy, and the spinach and flax are so nutritious!

  • Tasty Eats At Home

    I need you next to me at 5am when I’m working out to my Jillian Michaels video! Cause there are a few moments where I feel I just can’t make it – and I need that fighter to push me through! Ha. This smoothie sounds great. I usually make my green smoothies a meal replacement, so this is perfect.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds perfect for my hubby who is 70% fruitarian but always wants that ‘snack’ when he comes home from his physical job. Thanks!

  • Wilde in the Kitchen

    Ooo, I haven’t tried TRX yet but I’m itching to find a class! My old gym picked it up after I moved, blah! Keep us updated as to how you like it!

  • http://(optional)/ Anonymous

    I have found my own body sore and aching this week. I also let go during the holidays, and I’ve just started to get back into a routine. I need to make a green smoothie to take care of my tired muscles. Thank you for sharing, sweet girl.

  • Beaglebea

    Love the smoothie recipe. I drink a green monster most mornings for breakfast. Check out my recipe on my blog.

  • Noelle

    Thank you everyone! This is definitely a keeper of a recipe. I hope you all try it soon!

  • Kelly

    Hi Noelle! What a terrific smoothie! I am heading out for run in a few minutes and will give this recipe a try! Yum! So inspired by your workout story, I HAD to go run!

  • Sara

    That looks like my daily morning smoothie except for the spinach…I’ve been really hesitant to try green smoothies despite how popular they are.

  • Kelsey

    I want to try this! Megan is spectacle of green smoothies so I hope this convinces her.