Fashion Friday: Maternity Winter coats

It hit me this past week that I was not pregnant during the winter months the first time around. I have been going a little batty trying to find time to go to consignment stores and inquiring on area mommy boards if anyone would have a coat to lend me.

I found a peacoat among my winter clothing that will fit me one more month so I am doing okay with that. I have had someone let me borrow their red coat so I think I am doing well in that department.

Then I realized the sweaters I owned covered half my tummy. Sheesh. How silly could I look.

Black Maternity Peacoats

This week I received some coupons by text from Target for $5 off of $20 or more purchase of Liz Lange maternity clothing. Score! I decided I would make two transactions and invest in two sweaters.

In the meantime I am looking at layering and using nice scarves until I am able to find some good combinations. Until then, have a wonderful weekend!