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Verizon Hall - The Philadelphia Orchestra

Mahler’s 2nd Symphony and The Philadelphia Orchestra {Review}

Disclosure: We received tickets to the night's performance and all opinions are our own. I am excited everyone because I have convinced my husband, Ryan, to do a guest post! We attended an awesome performance of Mahler's "Resurrection" Symphony the first of November and needless to say, it was such a spectacular performance. After a hard long work week, having a drink and listening to a piece, dear to my husband, seemed ideal.  Every time we take the train into the city, we learn something … [Read More...]

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Whole Foods Devon Turkey Dinner for Four Giveaway - Singerinkitchen

Thanksgiving with Whole Foods Market {Giveaway}

We have a week left and then Thanksgiving will be upon us. As the holidays start rolling by, I continue to miss the opportunity of having family over for dinner, but I think each year it helps us focus even more on what to be thankful for.  As … [Read More...]

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Noah- A Wordless Picture Book by Mark Ludy

Noah {Book Review +Giveaway}

What if there was a book club for children where every week a new book or two was introduced and questions were asked about the book? Or perhaps the kids would take the new book home, read it and come … [Read More...]